A Visit From Harry

A Visit from Harry


Harry showed up this morning and asked if he could talk. I invited him in and off we went. He began the discussion with talk about quantum physics, molecules, atoms, vibrations, planets and the like. I was quickly falling behind because of the complexity of the discussion. I wasn’t sure why he was here, what his message was, nor if I would be able to make sense out of what he had to say. I was convinced Harry was a scholar, a scientist, probably a physicist. So I asked him, Harry are you a physicist? His response was “no, I watch the sky while planets move around the sun.” Oh, so your an astronomer? Yes, I am a French astronomer from the 16th century. I went on to ask Harry what message he had, and what is was he want us to know? Here is what he had to say:

It is most important to understand that thoughts create intentions, and intentions create that which is manifested in your life. It is intention that solidifies that which is manifested. Know that your thoughts are of motion, motion is vibration, and the universe (all worlds) are connected through vibration. Through your thoughts, vibrations and intentions the universe, the spirit world with gods assistance, help guide your manifestations. Simply put, we hear and feel your thoughts and act on them. Good news bad news is, we hear and feel your negative thoughts and positive thoughts, your dark intentions and light intentions, your pure intentions and impure intentions. If you remember nothing else, remember this……Bad thoughts poison your soul!

My theory of manifestation – with darkness we most definitely pass over the intention. With light we travel with fluidity and grace to bring forth manifestations of the many things you inspire us to bring. The key to prayer, the key to manifestation is the quality of intent. My offering is this…….combine your positive thoughts with goodness, love, humility and sincerity to create your intentions, and we will bring forth that which you desire. Harry said he would return soon.


Prayer For Today Stop Chasing
Prayer For Today
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