About Me

My interest in the spirit world began at an early age. As a child I would hold séances in my playhouse with the neighbor kids, hoping to see, hear or feel spirits. At age 12 I took it a step further and tested my curiosity by going into my bathroom, lighting a candle, closing my eyes, and nervously asking if there were any spirits present. Within seconds the thick votive glass holding the candle exploded. From that moment on my belief in spirits and their ability to manifest here in the natural world was solidified. I soon became aware of my intuitive senses, my connection to other worlds, to the spirits, and of my ability to communicate with and understand them.

My grandmother , a Kiowa Indian, introduced me to her “spirit board” at about age 13. She would begin by having those in the room ask questions and then as though the words were her own, she would answer the questions including additional details regarding the question and the answer. The words were not hers. Barely literate, and not confined by any religion, grandma acknowledged her gift but didn’t celebrate it or otherwise consider it a gift. She enjoyed her ability to communicate with the spirit world, and accepted that the universe is full of magic, mystery and manifestations, and more than anything…….she simply believed!

It wasn’t until many years later, after grandma passed, that I would feel compelled to test my skills at communicating with the spirit world. Initially hoping for the same entertainment, fun and mystery that grandma provided, I soon came to realize I had been given the same gift. I too, was able to communicate with the spirit world and soon found myself frequently listening to and conversing with many different spirits using my own spirit board. Even the Big Spirit…….god. Yes…..uncle Tony, cousin Sharon, uncle Don, Michael, grandpa Bob, ancestors and god (to name a few).

Around 2009 I fully embraced my gift and began to work with it more often. I soon learned that spirits sense things like humans do. They move towards those with the gift, with open minds, those that accept and believe in their world, and most importantly they move towards those without fear of them or their world. In 2010, as I began to communicate with the spirit world on a regular basis, my husband and I found it fun, and at times necessary, to keep written notes of many of the conversations. To date, we have nearly a thousand pages logging hundreds of conversations. The following is an excerpt from those notes that gives you more insight as to how I came to receive this gift:

God said…..I chose you because I sought an open mind, a spirit of knowing and wisdom. I caught a glimpse of you, your understanding of the spirits, your intuitive sense, and your belief, and granted you this gift. He said, “I pursued you and chose you to create Of Many Worlds and Spirit Talk, to conquer those who have believe that spiritual growth as unnecessary. I want people’s eyes turned to the heavens above. I want people to understand and accept the great mysteries of the universe. Magic, mystery, manifestations and god’s grace. You have been blessed with the power within yourself to manifest the spirit world. Though I give you this gift, it must be shared with others so they may look inward and find hope, magic and god, deep within themselves”. 

To be clear, I am not a clairvoyant, not a psychic and not an astrologer.  I have been asked to create this blog to share god’s words with you and hope that you share your thoughts and experiences here as well. If you have strong religious beliefs, and are confined by a specific religion I ask that you please keep those beliefs to yourself. Here at Spirit Talk there is no religion, no doctrine, no dogma, nothing to confine our thoughts or beliefs. So it is now that I share the gift of Spirit Talk with you. Spirit Talk….. a place of magic, mystery, manifestation and god’s grace.