Affirmations From The Universe

Of the things I love to do, meditation is high on my list. It did not come easy. The brain is quite a chatterbox and ego likes to move to the front and usurp all that the universe will whisper to you. During one of my most recent meditations , I was given an interesting affirmation.

“Human Assumption is the is the Best Fiction Never Written”

How often do we make stories up about something going on around us or the people we surround ourselves with and we create a vision or a story about it with no basis of fact.

How often does a car cut us off and we call them names and assume they are jerks. Never do we create a scenario that have them  rushing home to a sick child or have another emergency.
I now choose to think of these situations from a NEO point of view.
NEO is a Non-Emotional Observer.
It is not my situation so therefore I cannot judge. I do not let myself get caught up in their story or their moment.
This is a way to keep your anger at bay and to not get caught in something we have no ability to control anyway. This allows us to breathe during this moment and pursue that which is of true importance, our serenity , our calmness and to retain our true sense of self!




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