Are We Recycled?


Of all the places to visit over Veterans Day Weekend, I was compelled – drawn to  Flagstaff, Arizona. Once there, I heard in my mind to visit the Lowell Observatory. When we arrived it was accessible but not yet open to visitors, so we took our own non guided tour. As we walked along the “Galaxy Walk”, we stopped at each of the informational displays to learn more about the Observatory, it’s founder Percival Lowell, and our universe. Half way thru the walk, I was baffled by thoughts and words that were coming to me, seemingly out of nowhere. With little interest in Astonomy, I was being given the direction needed to write to support my belief that the spirit is eternal, and evolves through a series of incarnations in the material world. The true life is the spiritual one; life in the material world is just a short-termed stage, where the spirit has the opportunity to learn and develop its potential, and pursue intellectual perfection by amending for his mistakes and increasing his knowledge in successive lives. So here we go…….

According to scientists, the Universe is about 13.77 billion (with a B) years old.

Our solar system, including our own planet earth, is about 4.5 billion years old.

Man, according to the bible was put here over 50,000 years ago.

Scientists have evidence that man may have been here as long as 7 million years ago.

The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are moving towards each other and will likely collide in the future, but not for several billion years.

Galaxies are moving away from the earth, meaning that our universe is expanding, and will never stop expanding.

The speed of light – 299 million meters a second – would still take you about 26 billion years to reach one end of the visible universe to the other.

The farthest known Galaxy MACS0647-JD is said to be 13.3 billion light years away from planet earth. (a light year is a unit of astronomical distance equivalent to the distance that light travels in one year. Nearly 6 trillion miles)

So….billions, millions, light years….. these are time frames hard to comprehend, especially when we are only here on earth alive, living, for maybe 80 years. Think about that. 80 years that seem like a long time to us, are like nanoseconds relative to everything else in the universe. So, I am convinced that there is definitely more to this than just our 80 years here! We must be more than a single use hotel shampoo bottle, emptied once then thrown away. We have got to be recycled.  Recycled ? Ok,not like a milk jug. I’m talking, rebirth and evolution through a series of incarnations, we learn, we get better, we become spiritually more developed, and be begin to understand how the mortal world and the spiritual world work together. We accept that we have a purpose, there is more to our lives than we can imagine. We evolve, we grow. Makes sense right?





“The hardest part of suicide is the remaining lives it affects” The Big Spirit Talks Magic
“The hardest part of suicide is the remaining lives it affects”
The Big Spirit Talks Magic