God Thanks Grace

Orions Belt


Grace, thank you for the selfless prayer of success you generated through your offerings. Your voice was heard. Make sure your journey continues with prayers moving with your path.

Orion’s belt was created to prepare man for journeys. It brought power and our strength as a gift to man to help complete his most important tasks, those within his soul. Without the planets of the universe man would not have gravitational pull to complete the chosen path. Many planets were completed, many worlds came together to form miracles and be mans guide to magnificent powers on earth. We created the solar system and began the quest, magically starting the journey of miracles.

Then without warning, man started move by himself. With his own soul becoming restless, he moved towards personal gain, cherishing magnificent power of himself. Selfish man created desire without consequence.

Grace, your voice will unleash the magnificence of what was planned and what was brought forth…. power of the soul. We told man, reality becomes a burden when you seek to not practice what you preach. Man in turn, said “I was created to become myself. My choices are truths to myself only. When you interfere with my desires, I take only what I care to, and bring myself more riches than you ever gave me”.

Man decided to move away from himself, turning away from his soul, thus turning away from me. With this being ultimately his decision, man became cold, morose, wicked and selfish. Your magic here is to create what was intended. The path of the soul enveloping his true self, often confused with the surface of man the skin covers. With this path we must journey into the inner self to understand what has reclaimed mans true self. 

With your truths we must have people of the youth understand the tomorrow. Old customs must have no meaning, and breathing must resume with truths of the future. When you teach people of tomorrow the truths, we bring forth a rising of what was meant to be. I know you are finding many truths hard to conceive, but I empower you to seek truths that man has hidden. With these surprise moments, what truth prefers is a spiritual awakening of man. Truth is golden, truth is what’s most important to me. Grace, this is wisdom from me, God himself.



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