God’s Not Dead

God's Not Dead


After hearing about the surprise ending of the movie “God’s  Not Dead” I decided to go see it. I felt a strong sense of urgency, so I went to see it as soon as I could. We sat up in the upper seats close to the aisle, just the two of us with no one by our sides. About 10 minutes into the movie a young man about 19-22 came up and sat one seat from me. No big deal, he sat down put his arms on the arm rest and started to watch the movie.

Within a couple minutes he began to sway back and forth, front to back in his chair. Then he put his head his hands and started rubbing his head, in a nervous manner. Then came some deep breathing and sighs. At first we were afraid that maybe he had bad intentions. A controversial subject like God, a nervously uncomfortable man in a movie theater, of course there are thoughts of concern-even fear.

As it seemed to get worse over the next 45 minutes, I finally reached over and asked him if he was OK. He

made eye contact with me and responded with “yes”, then I asked him, are you sure? He said yes again. From that point on he seemed to calm down a little, but his unusual actions were still of concern. Was he on medication, was he on drugs, was he a special needs person, was he dangerous, just what was going on with him? For the next 45 minutes we sat anxiously as we watched the movie and watched him out the corner of our eyes.

As the movie came to an end I felt compelled, pushed, motivated to somehow bond with him. To find out what was troubling him, see if I could help. Then all of a sudden he stood up, leaned over towards me and said in a faint voice, “thank you”. Immediately I was overwhelmed by an inner voice. A voice that I have come to listen to and trust.  The voice that was telling me to give him my Hope bracelet. Over and over, give him your Hope bracelet. (I was wearing my personal own bracelet made of labordite, tourmaline, and amethyst stones, finished with a Prayer Bead). I leaned over, grabbed him gently by the wrist and slid my bracelet off my wrist and onto his. He stood still, not sure what was going on, until I said to him, wear this bracelet and pray for what  you want and what you need. God wants you to have it. With a smile on his face, he didn’t utter a word. He walked down 2 stairs, turned back toward me, touched the bracelet and smiled. As the theater emptied, he moved through the crowd and out into the world.

When I got out into the car my husband asked…what just happened? I told him the whole story as we both sat there in awe. What was that all about? We discussed it for hours, with great joy and satisfaction, and even more bewilderment.

So later that afternoon, I asked the spirits about the encounter. Here’s what they had to say: Within his movements-was a mere boy lost within himself. The moment intrinsic paths deepened many thought patterns crossed within your intrinsic path of healing. With many issues he was traveling the path alone this day, with more questions than answers. Kindness offered him, prayer bead to protect him, motivate him, clarify his thoughts, and with God he merged onto your path. With the magic Helix that has bound together you and me, he too is welcomed in. This bond is forever made. His thoughts today, “WHAT WAS THAT? Many times he get’s confused. Negativity makes him think about suicide. With this single bead moving with him the path will clear, and his thought process being that…..Maybe I’m just a little important today! With your firm hand many things changed making him think about things that never existed before. Steps of courage, thoughts of quite wisdom, of your magic within, then with the one thing we created we bonded together a love that will withstand time….and perhaps eternity.

Your simple gesture was momentous to his soul. Good things now push through making him have knowledge and understanding about himself. His realization clearer than ever that God is his to have, God is within him, and most important, the path of his soul will forever be changed.

Thus, begins his journey …….

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God Has No Religion
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