Man is the Source of His Own Defeat

Often man sees competition as a way to conquer others, the way to victory, healthy male behavior. Within the earthly realm you must realize it is the most dangerous game man has created.

Many times when struggling with things, we see victories as a path of magnificent power offering us many egotistical triumphs. When the day turns into tomorrow the ego is empty once again. When man feels empty causing him much despair, he seems to worship something that made him powerful for yet a brief second……victory.

Waking,  emotionless he struggles to once again feel that magical feeling that was so euphoric.He becomes more insensitive, more demanding, and more reckless than ever. Trying to make himself once again worthy of self worship, he climbs over others to move forward. He creates victories without conscience, moments without thought, and personal triumph without personal victory, satisfying only himself. With what he feels is the realization of himself as elevated, he drives away those moving beside him.

Within his own personal walls his exterior is sturdy while his interior is crumbling, making him into the weakest part of himself. What man doesn’t realize is that with his personal victories more important to him than others, making him seem important to himself, he shrugs and walks away from those walking towards him. Unknowingly, those he walks away from are those that god has put near him that are necessary for the growth of his soul.

God has been watching from within and moves things around for man to understand his downfall. With actions that must be made known, he doesn’t realize that his moves are his most detrimental manifestations yet. He manifests anger, turmoil, worthlessness, and solitude. Not realizing, not aware, not understanding…….. God gives man yet another chance.

“When moving with personal interest we move for ourselves,

When moving with spiritual growth we move with others”

The Looking Glass War
The Looking Glass