Man’s Magic

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Magic means different things to different people. A man pulls a rabbit out of his hat. Chris Angel cuts a women in half and puts her back together again on national TV. A woman with breast cancer is cured. The job you have wanted for months suddenly out of the blue, becomes yours.
Some view life itself as magical. How is it we are alive ? We breath, eat, sleep, think, walk, run, all with  perfect ease. When the Big Spirit ( BTW-I love this moniker), said to you……”
“The Birth of magic was before man”, it hit me. Of course it was, because creation of man, the heavens and the earth was absolute magic – it defies logic. Ponder these magical things for a minute: your eyes can see 10 miles away (146 football fields) the light of a single candle; the focusing muscles in your eyes move over 100,000 times per day; the earth rotates at 1040 mph and as we stand here we feel nothing; female ovaries contain nearly half a billion egg cells; and human bone is as strong as granite in supporting weight. (I will save the brain, our minds, DNA, conception, and child birth for the next discussion about God’s Magic!). Like I said……magic means different things to different people. What does it mean to you ?

Magic and Mystery of the Moon Small Victories
Magic and Mystery of the Moon
Small Victories

Comments to “Man’s Magic”

  1. A Fathers Magic:

    I have been thinking about “Magic” a lot after reading your posts. I have been focused on Magic as it relates to spirituality, god, the universe. But I wanted to post something magical that I don’t want to try to explain, for I know not how to explain it. I just want to share it here with you and your readers – simply.

    Last Sunday morning was a nice chilly morning. We all slept in and stayed in bed a little longer as we enjoyed the warmth of the heavy winter blankets. My little girl crawled into bed with me and nuzzled up, resting her little chin and cheek on my chest and neck to get a little warmth from me and to give me some love. Her eyes quickly closed and her breathing became heavy as she dozed off. Nuzzled up to me, with our left hands clasped together, I rubbed her temples to help her fall into a deeper sleep . As I did ,I too closed my eyes, cherishing the moment so much, that I began to thank god and the universe for this special moment. It was quiet and her touch was warm, her angelic face looked so serene, so peaceful, absolutely beautiful to me.
    A feeling of love filled my soul so rapidly it gave me goose bumps and opened my mind to the kinetic thought given to me from the universe that this – this was truly Magical. These feelings overwhelmed me. With nothing spoken between us, no eye contact, no body language to read, no exchange of emotion, no communication whatsoever, closed eyes and closed lips, love so deeply felt now possessed me. This was magic, real magic. With nothing more than her head on my chest and our hands clasped softly together, a smile came to my face, thoughts of love and joy filled my mind, my heart fluttered, and my day was off to the best start I had had in months.

    How can a soft cheek, a held hand, a warm touch, change your brain chemicals, make you smile, bring tears to your eyes, make your heart melt, have you thanking god, and otherwise turn a typical Sunday into one of the best days of your life ?
    It must be magic….for I know there is no other way to explain it. For this father…..this was my Magic.