Manuel From Venezuela

Drug Money

This is a visit I had from a spirit named Manuel. I listened to him and his story is as follows…


March 29th, 2014

Venezuelan Drug Dealer

I’m the man that supplied the Pot. I was taken and made to supply Pot to young people.  Young people wanted possession and the cartels in Venezuela wanted me to deliver it to them to capture their money and hook them on their drugs.

When I tried to profit from this, men came to my hut and took me to a place of darkness with a very bad, unusual odor. The drug was powerful, strong, and they all wanted it. The money was powerful, strong, and the cartels wanted it, and more importantly…. I wanted it.

The drop was me handing it to the young people. Rebellion moved forward and I was captured by the men that wanted all the profits, making only them rich. They captured me, murdered me, and tossed me into the water where I still reside.

In my country the money is the motivation, the money is first, then everything else becomes second. Mostly poor and uneducated, money is more important than proper conduct in my country. We do anything to have money. Money caused me to make bad decisions, which forced me to watch the backs of the police, making me a mole. When they recognized my position they made me insist that the money and the drugs were mine.

The money monopolized everyone’s thoughts. Although it is critical to our survival, it often becomes the only god we worship. I made very good money for 3 years, then my story was told, placing me in danger. In a dark room of stench and filth where others had been beheaded, they laughed and bragged. Then when my time came, it wasn’t drug money I took, it was THEIR money. Manuel, (pronounced man-well), you lie, cheat and steal and bring yourself shame, they yelled. You are to be made an example of. With that my jaw was broken. Then with more strength than ever, were the blows to my body. Then with the last useless breath I took, much slower than I thought, they moved with the shot of death. My brain was oozing out with blood everywhere. They dumped my body muddy and bloody in the river outside of town. When I awoke watching myself unleashing my spirit into the world of God, I saw that what happened became the most important thing. I paid with my life for the money I wanted. A life that was sound, changes into a life that was heavy putting myself into the wicked thoughts of money and destroying my family in the process. Tell them that I love them but shant be coming home.

With this story offered we must help people understand – doing what you love is important. Doing what you love brings balance to your life. With more love than you can impart, tell them you love them. With grace and love your tell them your important feelings and sincerity .

The more I speak, the worse it is because I am new here. Many times you try to understand what others are going through. Soon you can tell my family about my death and make them understand why I never came  home.

Hope Dancing Soul
Dancing Soul