Money and Religion

Religion and Money

We started by bringing wisdom to others, but were turned away at the door. Too many people were troubled without religion. Most important thing we want man to know is I offer magical words that become realities. Slowly man took religion and turned it into a sham. Religion became the interest of many…..with money going into the pockets of a few.

The people wanted hope and became willing to pay for it. Their eyes move with the length of the dollar being presented. Man created money – money was not to be part of religion. With empty pockets-hope went with the person that sold the words, not made the words.  Man must understand……why pay for hope to come when it’s there all along? Your hope permeates your soul, it is a gift from me. Why must man pay for his magic to be here, for its here already. Why pay for words to listen to? Why throw money at god – I am already here. Why must man offer himself to me when I am already inside the man? Why must people voice their opinions, when opinions are available to everyone? Why must “important people” take away our courage when man is perfect in his own soul? 

Important truth… created the practice of buying words of hope and believing only the opinions of  “important people”. I send you hope with my words – not through the words of others. Hear my words, accept hope from me, receive magic from the heavens, and let my words be a gift that becomes your reality.

                        God shall bless you with hope…… without paying man for his words

Should man have questions…..magic will answer

Should an have problems……magic shall solve them

Should man have only himself, he will suddenly understand the meaning of hope.


Hope Love