Murder For Hire

Murder for Hire

*** When I am visited by spirits I never know who might show up and want to chat. This was a visit that came as quite a surprise!!  It was Lefty the Angler and his story is below.

February 25, 2014

Murder For Hire:

Lefty the Angler showed up this morning and wanted to talk. “I must talk please”…was his opening comment. I did mob hits in Chicago. I was the real deal, a murderer for hire. I was paid to kill the owner. I made it easy for them. For who lefty? For the organization (the mob) to take over the business. Many times I made them cry with fear and many times they pissed themselves. Who Lefty ? The business  owners. First they were bribed and extorted for money in trade for their safety. Then if we wanted the business, we took it over by getting rid of them.

Did you carry out murders? Yes, often and quickly. They took me out after I bought a business myself. I told one man about my plans and that was it. They silenced me with shots of well placed bullets. My motivation was greed of money. The last word I prayed was…..take me fast. How did you die Lefty? My head parted then my shoulders slumped, their bullets were hard to shake. My head was splattered, blood was everywhere, I live for another 3 minutes, with my last thoughts being…please take me fast. That was it, quick and final. Lefty did you get your name because you liked to fish? Yes, with other people’s money. Then my daughter Madison asked Lefty, do you have kids? Yes, two, one son and one daughter.

Money was not important when I go here (the spirit realm). I wanted to be bigger in the organization. I thought I was very smart, but they were smarter. They laughed at how stupid I really was. I sought a life with the path of money, because money made me think I was brilliant. But money did not follow the path of murder. Then my hard work took away many things. Money was not that important when I look back on my life of greed, murder and stupidity. I realize that it is hard enough in life to move freely, make friends, to be happy. I became my own worst enemy with these choices I made.

As I think about my new life, I wish only to travel with god inside. My previous life was a worthless lesson. How can you say that a lesson is worthless Lefty? Well, 32 years with thugs, bribery, extortion and  rebellious intent, and only one lesson. I wish now I could have experienced a lifetime of lessons filled with love, happiness, magic, and god’s grace. I wish to return without that path and lure a worthy existence with men of more value. I see things differently now. I have a view most important now. “It is of no use to prosper there……only to suffer here.”

One Day A Good Life
One Day
A Good Life