Received Wisdom vs Quiet Wisdom

Spirit Talk


Wisdom: the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment. The quality of being wise.

Most of what we absorb is “received” wisdom. Wisdom received from external sources such as family, friends, spiritual leaders, therapists, teachers, self help books etc. Received wisdom may or may not be wisdom that is meant for us, nor consistent with our purpose. After all it is received wisdom from sources other than you and your god. It’s not from within!

Quiet wisdom, on the other hand, is that which comes from within. From your own personal experiences during your life here on earth. Wisdom from within is not bias, not filtered, not contrived, and not for profit wisdom. It is yours and only yours. Quiet wisdom comes from within you and it continually grows thru your personal experiences…… and the grace of god.

 We all have more to learn. Part of being wise is having understanding and learning to see things as they really are. Genuine knowledge and wisdom leads us to good choices.

Wisdom is knowing nothing. Love is knowing I am everything and between the two, my life moves.

Nisargadatta Mahara

Life Rainbows