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Spirit Talk


It’s me, the purpose, the creator, perfecting your understanding of many worlds. Come close with your ears and hear my story. The story is the birth of magic was before man, to make sure man survives their doings with their time here. It’s coming fast and swift with man not understanding, not admitting he is the culprit. Within the universe, by way of god, I bring understanding much closer to simple reality. Watch the night sky for a signal my friend. Close your eyes when making that wish causing me to see you blink.

With the purpose of saving man I speak of his demise with a miraculous prayer:

My children, my prayers are within you to seek yourself and become the man offered to you at inception. The prayer is yours to continue, but wiser men have found themselves without prayer, without my guidance, without my tongue guiding them. Listen to my words for they are yours to keep. Magic has collapsed without you talking completely to me. Half prayers are just that – half ideas are just that. Whole being is that which moves with task and understanding. Move forward, become my tongue, move with me and go forward with the ideas of your soul. My pleasure is yours, trust in me, trust in yourself, then move, understand that your that important and that man and god are one.


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Comments to “The Big Spirit Talks Magic”

  1. Magic means different things to different people. A man pulls a rabbit out of his hat. Chris Angel cuts a women in half and puts her back together again on national TV. A woman with breast cancer is cured. The job you have wanted for months suddenly out of the blue, becomes yours.

    Some view life itself as magical. How is it we are alive ? We breath, eat, sleep, think, walk, run, all with perfect ease. When the Big Spirit ( BTW-I love this moniker), said to you……”
    “The Birth of magic was before man”, it hit me. Of course it was, because creation of man, the heavens and the earth was absolute magic – it defies logic. Ponder these magical things for a minute: your eyes can see 10 miles away (146 football fields) the light of a single candle; the focusing muscles in your eyes move over 100,000 times per day; the earth rotates at 1040 mph and as we stand here we feel nothing; female ovaries contain nearly half a billion egg cells; and human bone is as strong as granite in supporting weight. (I will save the brain, our minds, DNA, conception, and child birth for the next discussion about God’s Magic!). Like I said……magic means different things to different people. What does it mean to you ?


  2. I love Spirit Talk! I am a follower of very old African traditions that believe in the veneration of the spirit ancestors and believe in natural, earth powers. We use spirits of the dead to assist us in all spiritual matters including the growth and expansion of an inner portion of our soul that determines personal destiny and success.

    Ashe’ to You Grace…..