“The hardest part of suicide is the remaining lives it affects”


This Spirit Talk was with Michael from Nebraska.

Bullied, without friends and lonely, the depression made me weak. The pain was too much. I was convinced that suicide was the only way to end the pain. The pain needed to end. For many, life can be full of struggle, pain and depression. Many succumb to suicide without ever being known. I wanted to be Michael, a “man of the cloth”. Instead I destroyed my most important gift – the life god created. With the mouth open, I shot the gun. No friends, lonely inside, mom was too busy to fulfill what I felt pretty sure was her most important task……to protect me from all that caused me pain. If I had god in my life I would have seen things differently. If mom had told me he was inside of everyone, I would have thought twice about my decision.

Spirits of suicide belong mostly to ourselves, gathering here to make peace with each other. We talk now as spirits, to make sure others lift their eyes and ears to the many pains we suffer.  When we talk to you we hear the path of god clearly. You must listen to our voices. You will hear from many that cannot wait to speak for we were the silent group that moved without voices most of our lives.

I don’t regret my decision, for the pain had to end. The pain is gone now. Life is much lighter, without burdens, without fear. I am at peace here, with only the regret of my decision having affected those that loved me. It was a selfish, irrational decision, but it is hard to make a rational decision from an irrational state of mind. People watch, think, but never act. They see our pain, feel our pain, hear the fear in our trembling voice, feel the desperation from within our soul, but choose to ignore it. God is inside you, he walks with you, with that power choose not to ignore us. Don’t let us suffer, don’t let us become irrational, rescue us so that we can’t cause you the same pain we escaped.

        “I have a young boys knowledge of a mans heart”.

Your Power is Immense Are We Recycled?
Your Power is Immense
Are We Recycled?