The Ornery Old Man

The Ornery Old Man

The Ornery Man Cuts His Wrists

My story is simple……. old, poor, miserable and alone, I stood by the side of the road and cut my wrists. With this sad story comes wisdom from the man of loneliness. The people never left me alone. They called me names with terrible meanings. I never had peace only despair, dismay, misery and uselessness, beginning to end.

                        Why did the man even come I often asked myself?

With but this single question the answer came most clear. To question my existence opened the door to questioning god. Making the question interesting, the ornery man told everyone to leave him alone. He was told to shut up and be quiet. Young people laughed, nobody cared. The man viewed himself as worthless.

Then came the day they saw the man with no life in his eyes. My god, the old man killed himself, why did he do that they asked. He shouldn’t have done that many said. But never did they stop to question themselves about their behavior. When they opened his heart, inside was love from god. But they had made him feel stupid, worthless and obsolete. Pretty soon they started talking and no one actually new the man. They said, why didn’t we know him, who was he?

They were brought to me to realize their questions mean nothing after death. While on earth, you must be open with yourself and personally shake hands when many aren’t looking. The point is, your hand and your words, both made possible by god, are comfort to those in despair.

My god explained this when I told him I was coming towards him. The moment I arrived was unexpected. They shook my hand and offered me these comforting thoughts:

            When handshakes are seen only by god, man has the power to elevate himself              for reasons that move perfectly with the heavens. Offering man a hand is god           thinking aloud……”With only my hand I created man, therefore powerful hands          make everyone understand the source of my being. Move towards others with                    open movements and secure thoughts. When you think they aren’t looking, they     are”

With this story comes nothing but good for many to understand the importance of the handshake. When I the man with the ornery mouth and silent firm eyes opened my mouth they left, not realizing the love in my heart, the loneliness in my soul….only seeing my behavior as hate. The hate, shown outwardly was aimed at myself. Without understanding I opened my mouth to impart the misery I suffered towards others. Then I had enough and walked towards stopping the pain. It was my final act, opening the road to god.

God made me understand. I called out to him many times, not realizing he was there within me.  Opening my eyes was made possible when I realized I had him inside.

                        The ornery man now understand the answer to his one question

Love God’s Love
God’s Love