The Word Hope


God: Tell me what story you wish to write about today?

Response: Hope and Despair

Here is the story…

It’s most important that your understanding of both hope and despair makes it possible to have a word that will take on meaning and trust within Many Worlds. The word hope moves with everyone, makes everyone move together, offers strength when mans soul feels abandoned. Inside, the word must be what you think prayers are made of. Sincerity must be heard and words must be used with caution. Many times we hope to have a magnificent day, but within your world it’s the only thing you get to make. Most people expect magnificence from everyone, but they never give that of what they expect to receive.

With hope comes vision, with vision comes action, with action comes movement, with movement comes the instant understanding  of hope. Hope moves with eternity and brings forth mans desire to understand what is truly necessary. With hope comes excitement, with hope the world is simply kinder and more understanding. Your world is new each day. Hope creates a new morning everyday that allows you each breath on this magnificent planet.

Hope is a moment of time that man cannot take away. Most importantly, hope is your time within yourself when you think mostly about your future destiny and create the magnificent part of your soul that moves within the path of your destination.

Hope is the opposite of despair. Despair is a dark gloomy place filled with fear and loneliness. Hope…is a wish in your heart of good things to come


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